The company Félicette Chazerand privileges in its approach the ’marriage’ and the contrast of different talents, a unique perception, the harmony of different techniques. It privileges the creative complicity by which the roles define themselves in the creative process, sometimes in the choreographic writing, sometimes in the look, sometimes in the exchange of ideas that embody the choreographic project.

Together with its creations, Parcours asbl (non-profit organisation) raises, at the same time, awareness to contemporary dance and choreography with children and teachers as well as dancers and choreographers wishing to engage in this area. This work associates itself to an invitation to think, nourished by numerous encounters, in Belgium and abroad. In targeting its creations at young audiences, the company brings dance to other publics.


Félicette Chazerand


French by birth, she trained both in classical and contemporary dance techniques after attending the Mudra school of Maurice BEJART. Laureate in the international competition of Bagnolet (France), a much acclaimed distinction in the dance scene, she is also familiar to Oriental techniques. Her encounters with Shiro DIMON and Yushi KAWADA enriched her universe. The practices of ’contact’ and ’improvisation’ are part of her artistic approach taken from the teachings of Andrew HARWOOD and Lisa NELSON. Studies Yoga and initiates Body mind centering.

Artistic approach :
From the foundation of the Asbl Parcours in 1992, the choreographic poetry of Félicette Chazerand has been constantly feeding off different forms of contemporary and experimental dance : the meaningful body of the dancer, its rhythmic architecture, the improvise when in contact with other bodies and the surrounding environment being the inspiration of her thoughts and creations. The tragic-comic look at the body in permanent change, where the poetry engages in a dialectic with humour, has brought her closer and closer to Young Audiences and to think about the pedagogy of motion in workshops in schools in urban areas. The audacity of her approach results from her permanent research where creation, training and exchange between the professionals and the different audiences are constant. Motion teacher at the Institute of Media Arts (IAD) in Louvain-la-Neuve.