“Give yourself time to meet others. To exchange and to share. Give yourself time to perceive, experience, question, listen, move.

Learn to know yourself, to recognise yourself, discover yourself… and maybe rediscover yourself.

Listen with your ears. In silence. Listen with your whole presence. Listen to yourself and to others. Listen with your hands, too. Touch and listen and learn respect and gentleness. Understand their  sensitivity and recognise their strengths. Be together”


The body in movement

with Charlotte Allen, Florence Augendre and Félicette Chazerand 

To all women who need a moment for themselves. Come and discover a more sensitive relationship to yourself, taste the fullness of the body’s powers of expression! Breathing the body we inhabit is to give space to the Heart – to the skeleton – to the organs – to the tissues – to our skin – to our fluids in order to feel, fully experience and blossom.

Wednesday 9.30 to 11.30 from October 18th to May 19th (first workshop 3rd October 2018)

Open to everybody free of charge (however regular attendance is desirable)

Location:  Wednesday from 9.30 to 11.30 from October 2018 to May 2019 (first workshop 3rd October 2018)

Location : Ateliers du Temps Libre – 5 rue Lola Bobesco, 1200 Bruxelles

Enquiries 02 761 60 29 –

RESONANCE – choreographic research duo – 2014-2016

with Florence Augendre and Félicette Chazerand

Two women, twenty years apart in age, inhabit and share for a while, a common space. The experience has a beginning, a development and an end.

They tame each other and synchronise in a vibratory bodily state, experiencing from one moment to the next the essential sensations that run through them, and also, along the way, the unfolding of time and events already experienced.

What if age was just a relation to time?

Where are the limits?

Where are the perspectives?

These two women of different ages are trying to recognise what is slipping away from them.

And perhaps from body to body, from person to person, from story to story, be reborn to themselves through their relation to the other…?


SOLO 55 – speaking about dancing through my dancing here and now – 2010-2011

Age gives meaning to this new research project.

Dance at 55.

What can dancing still bring to the dancer I am?

What sorts of gestures inhabit my body? What do they have to say? Does a mature line have its say in our context?

And so to develop a specific form of dancing that respects age within our daily environment: the stage, a place for representation? A place for communication?  A place for consummation?

Speaking about dance through my dancing here and now.

Questioning the gestural habits of the dancer that I am, leads me to seek out a space where presence and the unknown go hand in hand. To open up to “the non habit“

Accepting the risk of no longer being adequate, also means you do not apologize. You play with the parasites, you are shaky, lumbered, embarrassed and this opens up new zones for discovery and transformation while respecting what we are.

Accompanied by Florence Augendre, dancer, performer, trained in manual therapy who has been helping the company with different projects for some years, and has shown me how to approach my habits from a physiological point of view, to confront them in order to question and abandon them.

Caroline Boillet, gestural video maker, recorded the whole process in the documentary: Danser les 55 (Dancing at 55)