Barjo & Cie


Barjo & Cie is the fruit of a common work between Barthélémy Manias and Johann Fourrière. One is tall and thin, the other small and short: one is discreet, the other doesn’t has his tongue in his pocket. Two people, two bodies, two personalities, but also two ways to move that they share since more than 15 years of work. Their differences make their strength and are part of their synergy, they have a common desire: « give to the audience the pleasure to see contemporary dance sharing our point of view of the world ».

The company starts the year 2021 with the creation of their new performance for young audience that talks about the emotions of the animals: Bas les pattes. The human being is an animal as the others. And with the other species, we share, feel and express different universal emotions.  The dancers here confront themselves to situations of daily emotions. They have to deal with them and surpass them using animal behaviour. This way they will learn to know each other and communicate better, connecting the body and the heart.
With Julie Querre, Johann Fourrière, Barthélémy Manias.