2015 | A dance performance with images and objects

General audience, from 3 years old, 45′

In this playful world, the dance evolves gradually as the objects appear. The dancer discovers and blends with them in order to play with the material. Next to her, video’s are inserted acting as a partner or as an animated image. Lets play with reality to dive into an almost secret place filled up with objects of the past.
Rewind, pause, fast forward– Play !


Conception & choreography : Félicette Chazerand
Artistic partnership : Mira Vanden Bosch
Writing & interpretation : Maria-Eugenia Lopez
Asistantship & set design : Annick Walachniewicz
Video concept & interactivity : Bernard Delcourt / Alexandre Vignaud
Light design : Gaetan Van den Berg
Musical Montage : Vincent Raoult
Costumes : Cathy Péraux
Set up : Pierrick Odaert
Production team : Dimitri Wauters / Alexandre Vignaud / Pierre Delcourt

Technical Information

German or italian black box – Opening : 8m, depth : 8m,  wooden floor on ground + Black dance mat – Duration : 45 min – Gauge : 130 – Set up : 2 services (technical run through included) – take down : 2h

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