Toque de Tango



Valérie Guyot and Grégory Bonnault come from the dance and circus world, passionated about Tango from Argentina They create the Company “Toque de Tango” in 2015 at Arbois in le Jura – France.

This company has as a goal the explore the Tango from Argentina ni all its forms and on all possible types of music : refined, burlesque, poetic, clownish, mixing their stage experience with other media.

Our new creation is supported by Félicette Chazerand that is our assistant here.

“Surfaces” is :

Two bodies that meet, the discovery of another skin, a floor, a wall, an other surface.
It’s being skin to skin in the particular place that is a swimming pool.

Pull into the water, in the other.
Getting close to the other, feel, smell, watch, breath, touch, wrap and receive the other body…
Take its own skin and carry it in a dance.

This tight zone, this surface of the skin that is the other’s limit, it’s also the common frontier of two bodies in movement.

The border between the skin and the water, that we cross in this big bath, offered by the Tango…