Solo for 2

2012 | Visual and choreographic performance, 35 min

There are moments when one feels free from his own human limitations and imperfections. In such moments, we see here, in a tiny corner of the world, staring in wonder at the cold and yet profound and moving beauty of what is eternal, what is elusive (…). To put me back on play, on stage, on scene, with the help of Mira Vanden Bosch, artistic partner of the company, became necessary. Questioning the habit that permeates the mechanical gestures of the dancer I am, creates a space where presence and unknown fit together. The Non-habit. Inhabiting that space is allowing my body to dialogue in connection with his knowledge, experiences, ignorances, his habits, his doubts. Speak of dance through my dance, here and now.

This creation is a milestone : a suspended moment when time, age and nature play together in a fleeting certainty “Solo for 2t” is a double celebration time, danced and designed that puts the body highlight, where it is, a partner of the movement, uniting space and time.



Conception and performance : Félicette Chazerand
Visual artist and partner on stage : Mira Vanden Bosch
Assistantship and accompanist :Florence Augendre
Watchful eye : Annick Walachniewicz
Original music David Monceau
Costume : Cathy Péraux
Lighting design Hajer Iblisdir
Acknowledgements to Aline Moens and Caroline Boillet

Video documentary on the process and writing of the project : 
Caroline Boillet 
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