The threaded silken self

2013 | A dance and circus project, for 4 interpreters on floor, rope and tight wire, from 5 years old, 50 min.

What binds and connects us ? Relationships are not random events left to chance. Our experience tells us that we either walk together or we part ways.

As a Calder mobile, formed by the tight wire, rope and the interpreters, the scenes created on stage tirelessly weave links between spaces and beings, always seeking balance in face of imbalance. A threaded silken self moves towards the one, or towards the many that bind us together to weave, unweave and recreate relationships over space and time.
Four artists – dancers and circus performers, form a team of « me » to speak of a « self » between « us » and « you » – large and small ones without exception.
Suspended between Heaven and Earth, we embark on a discovery of a new space of freedom.



Conception and choreography : Félicette Chazerand
Creation partner : Mira Vanden Bosch
Assistantship : Florence Augendre, Annick Walachniewicz
Writing and interpretation : Marie-Cerise Bayle, Anna Buhr, Jéréme d’Orso et Maria-Eugenia Lopez
Original music : Claire Goldfarb, Olivier Richard
Costumes : Cathy Péraux
Conception and building of machinery : Marco Colabucci
Lighting Design : Emmanuel Deck
Video editing : Renaud Grandjean
Production team : Marco Colabucci, Hajer Iblisdir
Images : Félicette Chazerand, Hajer Iblisdir, Sidonie Panache

Thanks to Anouk Llaurens, Gaspard Berlier, Marceline Cols, Cécilia Kanconda, ESAC and Espace Catastrophe.

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Technical information

Black italian box – opening : 10 m, depth : 10m, height clearance : 5m – wooden floor on ground + Black dance mat + hanging system for rope – Gauge : 180 (children) 250 (all audience) A Set up : 3 to 4 sets ñ take down : 2h30

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