Hair and feather

2002 | Choreographic duet
Intoxication brings us the laughter that restores to us, for a brief moment,
the lightness of childhood and freedom of emotions.

“If you are too heavy to fly, drink in a deep breath of fresh air and add a whiff of cloud and the zest of a ray of sunshine”.
A dream-like journey through two worlds : “Hair”, or the mystery of animality ; and “Feather” the insatiable desire to surpass oneself. 
They move, sing, and dance, experimenting on the grace of lightness and the invisible. Will they succeed ?
This production takes us into the intimate spheres of one body that is supposedly “terrestrial”, and another that claims to be “aerial”. Maybe there’s a bit of both in all of us.
The table of contents alone represents the inventory of the genetic patrimony of the planet ! And what’s more, you imagine you can fly, even though you haven’t even learned to walk yet, since we’re still busy swimming…

Let us discover through play, confrontation or mutual help, the one other that invites us to become every day a little more what we aren’t still. Lt’s experiment together balance and flight and return to the poise, insouciance and spontaneity of a present cleared out from the weight of reality.


Idea : Félicette Chazerand and Jean-Luc Yerles
Choreography and writing : Thierry Bastin and Jean-Luc Yerlès
Music : Daniel Dejean, Michael Metzler
Set design : Pierrick Odaert
Costumes : Myriam Hoornaert
Video : Suzon Fuks and James Cunningham
Lighting Jean-Jacques de Neumoustier
Set production : Alain Collet
Thanks to Frey Faust.

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