2001 | A duet choreographed for today’s children, and for the children we never stopped being.

Postcard is a kiss of tenderness where the imagery of words and gestures kisses our spaces to become magic.
A common approach, a unique concept.

Through the power of image, the postcard is a cradle of emotions.
It attracks the eye and has the strength of awakening imagination.
In a few words, it can say a lot and bring a lot of pleasure…Life expression offered through animated colours, humour, and the weight of the message that it carries.
Through characters coming out of postcards, a grandmother, a postman, a girl and many others, a universe unfolds, full of colours and surprises…
Talk to me about postcards and you provoke a cascade of pictures and memories, happiness, sadness, joy and tenderness…
A life reconstituted from instances, strong moments scattered by time.

Like in Tati’s Jour de fete , our postman makes us dream. This naive and ingenuous character chooses his scooter as a way to trace, over the seasons, the path of his encounters.


Choreography : Félicette Chazerand, Gustavo Corso, Jean-Luc Yerles
Dancers : Thierry Bastin or Denis Robert / Félicette Chazerand or Nathalie Boulanger
Dramaturgy : Charlotte Fallon and Michel Van Loo with the dancer’s collaboration
Set design and costumes : Zoé Van der Stricht
Music : Daniel Dejean, Ghymes, Bazsarezsa & Lalo Schifrin, Cerazon de oro
Lighting Design : Jean-Jacques Deneumoustier
video editing : Serge Finschi
Production team : Alain Collet

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