2004 | Friendly duo for a dancer and a singer

Cent fois sur le métier remets ton ouvrage, plutot que de broder 
et de tirer sur le fil de ton histoire, montres-en le fil rouge. 
Marabout, Bout de ficelle, Selle de chevalÖ 
Ainsi se dévide le cheveau des pensées.

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. 
Continue to weave that wool until your loom brings forth the one, essential thread ; that all important red thread which courses through your story to bring it meaning and coherence and find clarity of mind as your previously jumbled thoughts become untangled.

Penelope, princess and queen of time weaves history as the days go by with her friend, Expectation, for company.
Young woman, woman, old woman, she travels the duration of life, a lifetime, leaving behind a legacy of patience, perseverance and delight.
Her story persists through the centuries, touches generations and still seems relevant today.
In a friendly duo, a singer-actress and a dancer embody a manifold Penelope.
Using material and thread, Penelope playfully weaves the ties of life and evokes the house that shelters, the boats that sail, the machines that measure time…
A universal story ?


Chorégraphie et danse : Félicette Chazerand 
Chant et danse : Sylvie Merck 
Mise en scène : Suzon Fuks
Aide à la dramaturgie : Michel Van Loo
Musique : Marc Hérouet, Collectif de la Pataphonie, Villa Lobos
Scénographie : Pierrick Odaert
Costumes : Elizabeth Schnell
Coiffure : André Michel
Vidéo : Suzon Fuks
Création lumière : Frédéric Houtteman
Régie plateau : Patrice Dekneuvele
Remerciements : Mira Vanden Bosch, James Cunningham et Igneous

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