Pearl necklace

2005 | Production with two performers who are dancers, actresses and drawers. For youth and all audiences, from 7 years old, 45 min

Erase nothing, not a word, not a step
Cross out nothing, not a word not a step.
Let’s say, word by word, step by step.
Bernard Friot

Performance on the plotting of gestures, on the force of the sign, on the poetry of writing…
The thread of the necklace is the thread for the performance : games that are danced, spoken, drawn, and interwoven become pearls strung next to each other in relation to the background, the form, the colour and the matter.
I dance to draw your dance. Saying and giving body to words.
Gluing the gesture to the word and the word to the gesture. Articulating the gesture, articulating words.
As the skeleton has bone, the alphabet has letters, from the letter to the word, from the word to the sentence, from the sentence to history.
History drawn ? History danced ? History lived !
This show includes texts and poetry from French literature and is only available in French.



Dance : Félicette Chazerand
Drawing : Mira Vanden Bosch
Director : Valérie Joyeux
Costumes : Marie Kersten
Set design : Pierrick Odaert
Set production : Philibert Vanhorle
Sound editing : Vincent Raoult
Thanks to Sybille Wolfs, Bernard Friot and to Centre Culturel of Rixensart.

Technical Information

The performance can be given in a theatrical or non-theatrical space (library, bookshop, museum, school, cultural centre…), in relationship with books, fine arts, dancing, poetry, theatre… 
(Production can be adapted to unequipped rooms). 
A day combining performance and workshop is possible on request.
 Opening : 7m, depth : 6m, heigth : 3,6m – Set up : 4h – Take down : 2h