2009 | Choreographic duet, for youth and the general public, from 5 years old, 50 min

Life has born from the spiral and will return to it

Gérard Lippert – Les corps cathédrales

Choreographic duet inspired by the key motion of the living world : the spiral. This creation translates a wish to highlight the energy of life, of all life, of all living matter that expresses itself in the movement of the spiral.

The energy prompts a movement in the shape of a curve where the volume resembles a spiral. This original movement is the essence of life itself that allows to grow, relax, develop, walk, climb… as well as to slide, fall, come down, die… 
The spiral is everywhere, in the galaxy, nature, our body… It inspires architects, visual artists, musicians… We are dancers.

Two female dancers cross the space where body and matter become one, supported by the energy of the 4 elements ( earth, water, air and fire ) to propose a poetic journey with and within the spiral.



Concept and Choreography : Félicette Chazerand 
Artistic co-direction : Mira Vanden Bosch
Motion and interpretation :Estelle Delcambre or Anne Cécile Chane Tune, Maria Eugenia Lopez
Music : Michel Berckmans
Costumes : Cathy Péraux
Set design : Nolwenn De Couesnongle
Equipment : Bruno Renson
Videography : Sara Cristofoli, Arnaud Monty
Lighting design : Nathalie Borlée
Production team : Dimitri Wauters, Hajer Iblisdir

Technical Information

German black box – Opening : 1Om, depth : 8m, height clearance : 4,5m wooden floor on ground + Black dance mat – Set up : 10h – take down : 2h30 – Gauge : 150 to 180 persons

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