In the shadow of trees

2007 | Choreographic duet, from 5 years old, 50 min

Jury Awards, Rencontres de Huy, distinction “Awakening the Senses”
I would like to be a tree for a while…
He towers, and I sit and feel safe.
D.H. Lawrence

A danced duet, where shadow and light flirt with bodies transported by ethnic colored musics. The union of tradition and modernity is the topic of this choreography. Created for children and grown-ups alike.
Roots, trunk, branches, sap, bark, leaves : small tree will grow tall.
Feet, legs, chest, head, blood, skin, hand, hair : small human being will grow tall.
Friend and partner, the tree has always been wise, and we have alway known its wisdom. Over the ages, through civilizations, the tree murmurs music with contrasting rhythms, combining all the melodies of all the countries on our planet Earth.



Conception : Félicette Chazerand
Choreography : Félicette Chazerand with performers
Dancers :Anne-Cécile Chane-Tune & Roger Vinas Lopez or Jéréme d’Orso
Drawing and assistanship : Mira Vanden Bosch 
Costumes : Marie Kersten
Music : Olivier Richard, Bob Verschueren
Video editing : Marc Cerfontaine
Lightning design : Nathalie Borlée
Production team : Dimitri Wauters, Hajer Iblisdir 
External observer :Bob Verschueren 
With the help of Thierry Bastin & Emmanuel Dubois

Technical informations

German black box – Opening : 8m, depth : 8m, height clearance : 4,5m  wooden floor on ground + Black dance mat – Set up : 10h – take down : 2h30 – Gauge : 180 (children) to 230 persons (general public)

Distribution (abroad)

3 rue Saint Pavin des Champs
72000 Le Mans – France

Bertrand Guerry : +33 6 84 62 08 85
Alix Prud’­Homoz : +33 6 60 99 06 70

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